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      This is the online home for the twenty-something poet and author Shelly Holder. If this doesn't sound like who you're looking for, double-check your spelling. Or your glasses prescription. But read on anyways.
     Shelly was born and raised in California's Mojave Desert, a heritage that unfortunately did not leave her tan. She is an only child, although her parents joke about her dog being in actuality a younger brother. Whether this is an insult to Shelly or to the dog will never be known. Shelly currently splits her time between CA and Virginia, where she attends college to get her BA in English/Creative Writing with a possible double major in another field that's also obscure and won't pay much money.
     Her work has been published or is forthcoming from DOGZPLOT Flash Fiction, Short, Fast, and Deadly, Camroc Press Review, Boston Literary Magazine, Mandala Journal, and Everyday Poets among others. 

What's New? 
As of March 2012:
       I'm alive, guys! Lots of writing classes going on, so the blog has suffered. Poor bloggy. But I continue to write and submit and sometimes publish! Look for new work on the PUBLICATIONS page! 

I also have a public Twitter account (@writinflower01) which is my main form on interaction these days. It's the best chance for recent information. I'd love to see you over there! 

Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site: