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 My work is targeted towards young adults, the early twenties group who are going through so many changes - college, independence from parents, setting up one's own financial life, the switch into more mature romantic relationships, the idea of a career vs. just a job. They have so many ping-ponging emotins that I think sometimes an individual simply reacts instinctually. I want to give my readers a space where they can sit down and reflect on these experiences. I want them to figure out who they were, who they are, and who they want to be. That's the story I tell. 
Right now, I am focusing on the idea of expansion. I don't want to be a niche writer. I want to be published in literary journals but also by a traditional publishing house. I want to write poetry and fiction. Genre and literary. Experimental. Memoir, graphic novels. I want to explore stories as they need to be told, in all their myrid forms, and not be limited by my own habits. 
I am an undergradute at The College of William and Mary. I am currently at work on a young adult graphic novel called The Dragoons of Camp Aerie.